Drunk Driving Accidents

Been Hit By A Drunk Driver? “Get Better With Bay.”

Drivers who get behind the wheel while intoxicated are seven times more likely than sober drivers to get in an accident. While all know drunk driving increases the risk of accidents, they are often the worst accidents that occur. The drunk driver’s impulse control is hampered by alcohol which results in poor decision making. An overall lack of motor control and their foggy thinking means they cannot maneuver or stop fast enough when they really have to. The alcohol impaired accident scene is exacerbated by the criminality of the incident and poor memory recall by the impaired parties.

In other words, handling a drunk driving case is very complicated. Just because the other driver was at fault and alcohol was clearly involved does not mean the case is cut and dry slam dunk. Insurance companies will take any steps necessary to limit the payouts they have to make. Criminal cases are often involved. Alcohol impairment adds layers of complications and problems to traffic accident cases.

The number of alcohol related accidents in Las Vegas, Henderson and Southern Nevada outpaces the national average, making alcohol related car accidents a very common occurrence in our area.

“Get Better With Bay” means when you have been victimized by a drunk driver we go to work for you. From finding medical care from the right doctors to getting you fairly compensated for lost time and pain and suffering, we deal with the insurance companies and fight for your best interests through both the Civil and the Criminal aspects of your accident case. When you have been injured by the actions of a drunk driver, call Bay Law so we can help you “Get Better With Bay.”

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accident cases have unique aspects that require the touch of an experienced attorney to ensure you are getting your maximum compensation. In addition to proving that the accident was the drunk driver’s fault, an attorney must collect evidence of intoxication, including police reports, arrest records, field sobriety tests, and BAC testing data to prove that the driver was over the legal limit at the time of the accident. Similarly, if a drunk driver was convicted for his or her driving, the certified criminal conviction can be used in a personal injury lawsuit to impart civil liability.

Insurers know the potential exposure that a drunk driving accident could have, and so these companies have an incentive to contact injured victims before they retain attorneys to low ball them into early settlements. Don’t fall for this trap.

In addition to the traditional damages in an auto accident case (medical expenses, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering), accident victims in a drunk driving situation may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages are damages meant to punish the drunk driver for breaking the law and causing an accident, serve to deter future conduct, and set an example for others. Punitive damages are not guaranteed, and so it is important to hire an experienced attorney to make sure you are getting the maximum compensation you deserve.