Las Vegas Premises Liability Attorney

Premises Liability Accidents in Las Vegas

When you are injured on someone else’s property, it is possible that you may be entitled to compensation. The most common type of injury is a slip-and-fall, but other accidents like injuries from moving objects, falling from heights, and dog bites also qualify as premises liability accidents. In order to recover compensation in all cases, you must prove that:

  • There was a dangerous condition on the property;
  • The property owner was or should have been aware of the condition;
  • The property owner failed to warn of or remedy the dangerous condition; and
  • The dangerous condition led to injuries and subject losses.

In Nevada, property owners are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that their properties are safe for visitors. This includes performing routine maintenance, repairs, and staying up to date on local safety and building codes. When these tasks are not done and an accident occurs, it is the job of our experienced attorneys to show that the property owner was not “reasonable” in their conduct and should have acted differently.

Even when a dangerous condition or hazard existed that caused an accident, it can be difficult to recover. Proving fault is only half the battle, and you must prove that you were hurt and injured as well. Insurance companies are notorious for low-balling premises liability claims and accusing the injured person of causing the accident themselves, claiming the property owner had no knowledge of the condition or alleging that the victim’s injuries were not caused by the accident.

Thus, it is important to help yourself too when filing a premises liability claim. Some things you can do to make sure you obtain a favorable settlement on your behalf:

  • Report the injury immediately to the property owner and inform them you are hurt
  • Take photographs of the area where the accident occurred
  • Collect witness information for those who can support your claim
  • Seek medical treatment immediately in order to document all your injuries

Following these few common-sense steps and contacting one of our premises liability attorneys at Bay Law immediately after an accident is the best way to ensure your rights will be preserved.

“Get Better With Bay” When You Are The Victim Of Negligent Property Owners

Property related injuries in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada are very common especially when it comes to Casinos. Negligence by property or building owners that causes you or anyone can result in minor injuries or permanent disability. Property owners have a duty to keep their areas safe, and profit is often the primary reason many fail to keep that responsibility. It is called “Duty of Care.” When their negligence results in an injury to you or a loved one you owe it to yourself to get in touch with Bay Law. We help evaluate the seriousness of your injury, direct you to the best medical care, confront the property owner, and handle all legal issues on your behalf. We make sure you are compensated for lost time at work and pain and suffering. That’s what getting better really means. That’s why we say “Get Better With Bay.”