Better With Bay Scholarship

Bay Law is proud to announce a scholarship for all incoming and existing college students. We hope that this scholarship allows students to pursue their passions. The application process will run until January 30, and winners will be notified during the month of April. Please fill out the form below as accurately as possible and complete the short written prompt to be considered for this scholarship. We are excited to be able to help students with their academic goals. Good Luck to all the applicants!

Better With Bay Scholarship

The information provided on this form will be used by Bay Law Personal Injury to select a recipient our scholarship. It is important that you give accurate details.

Please complete the form below and the short essay prompt to be considered for the Better With Bay Scholarship

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    Schools to which you are applying

    Major(s) You Are Considering

    In order of preference, list the major(s) you are considering (Very important for scholarship eligibility).


    List name of club, etc. and years of participation. If you volunteered, list the name of organization and the number of hours, weeks and years that you volunteered. If you worked, list the company, hours per week and length of time. Attach an additional sheet or resume if necessary.